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The new simple server setup based on OpenRP

IMPORTANT NOTE: The recent Log4J exploit (at the time of writing this) is NOT patched in this build. Ensure you update your server after you install this pre-build.

Hello everyone! Unlike my other article which was a large critique that wasn’t necessarily enjoyable to read, this one is actually something that most of you will look forward to. In my last article, I discussed about the many negative aspects of servers like School Roleplay and its derivatives. Whilst I definitely still agree with the points I had made that day, it seems that more recently people are trying to make their own newer clones of the server. Yet, a lot of people lack the technical experience to set up the right fundamentals for their own server of this type.

Now, let’s get to the news…

We are able to enjoy the latest features of OpenRP in order to re-create a very basic copy of our own! In fact, many people try to do this, and the server from my last article that I mentioned use OpenRP themselves.

But note, before spreading fake news – SRP does not use OpenRP and most likely never will. OpenRP is a project of mine that was made to give you a really good roleplaying experience, and has nothing to do with SRP. I get that this confusion happens because my plugin happens to be super good at replicating that server, but please stop telling people that they are in fact using it. They aren’t.

With that out of the way, my friend “UK” has been working on their own basic version of SRP that includes some of their ranks and has the chat channels & color schemes match them. I had some old plugins laying around that I never sold, but used on my own ones. I do not use them anymore, so I decided to help him by handing these to him so he can make the server a reality.

This 1.16.5 server includes only free plugins, no premiums, and besides my custom plugins, you can find all other plugins for free in their latest versions on SpigotMC or Bukkit, depending. The features of the server include basic OpenRP features (chat channels, character command, dice rolls and the time action-bar), a banning system, basic rank setup (includes 5 pre-made roles, 4 staff roles and 1 donator role), WorldEdit and WorldGuard (with the __global__ region perms set up), a simple TAB & nametag setup, automatic ranking between grades, locking doors & containers with signs, sitting on chairs, slabs and carpets, a basic /carry plugin, a basic /class plugin accompanied with a new unique /marks system, a basic /staff & /respond system, and right-clickable hats. There’s additional custom /rpname and /setdesc commands which point to OpenRP for convenience. Some server optimizations have been put in place too, like lowering the view distance, to help with performance.

The server usually needs about 700MB for its own processes, and maybe an additional 50MB for each players. This is on top of the recommended Minecraft 1024MB (1GB) of memory. Therefore, I recommend a server of at least 4096MB (4GB) or more for the best performance for up to 40 players, but with a small player base or just for friends, 2048MB (2GB) plans work perfectly alright. Because the server comes packed with Essentials, you can check the memory at any time by doing /mem, or /lag. It’ll generally fall in the 700MB-1200MB territory.

As for the CPU, the requirements are very low unless you tend to use a lot of WorldEdit, in which case I recommend using AsyncWorldEdit to boost the performance of the server. It was not included for specific reasons. Most budget plans of hosting providers will handle it fine.

I do not recommend any specific host, but most likely any will do just fine. I do recommend that you have one that gives you full FTP access in the root of the server though, so that you can upload this setup’s files yourself without any hassles.

If you are using this setup, technically you should be able to host a server for no more than $4-$5 a month. I believe that is a pretty reasonable price. A website and domain might cost you a few extra bucks, but if you find the right host (try local ones, if you’re in the European Union like me, .eu domains are very cheap and look professional) it should be a pretty nice bargain. I, once more, have no preferences. Just make sure it has the specs you need to meet your demand.

The plugins list in detail

The plugins this setup comes with are separated into the free, public ones, and the custom ones. You can add more if you want more features, or remove the ones you think you don’t need. Plus, all of them come with a config.yml file to further set up your experience.

Every creator of every plugin should be credited.

The list of free plugins is (alphabetically): AdvancedBan, Autorank, Blocklocker, EssentialsX (main jar + Spawn), ForcedGrammar, GSit, LuckPerms, OpenRP, PlaceholderAPI, PluginManager, TAB, and Vault.

The list of custom plugins that I made is (alphabetically): Classes, ItemHats, Marks, and LiteCarry.

If you are unsure what each of the plugins does, go ahead & run the command /pm info (plugin name) to see how each affects your server.

To add more roles & stuff, try /lp editor, and follow how it was set up. You can also give players roles this way. There are many LuckPerms tutorials online, I suggest checking them out.

If you need additional things like holograms, vehicles etc., then Google searches are your hero.

But really, is this all for free?

Yes, it definitely is. There are just a few rules though, attached in the README.txt file included in the .zip package.

These mainly make reference to not claiming this setup to be your own, or stealing the plugins and publishing them. We’ve put a lot of work on this and it would suck to see someone claim them as their own!

But, you are free to re-brand the server as you wish to fit your desires. I believe that keeping freedom of the plugins & the work of the creators is a very small price to pay for what you’re getting.

Remember, every creator of every plugin should deserve their credit. You wouldn’t like your work stolen from you, would you?

Setting up

Setting up is pretty easy. Just make sure that on step number 4, you are uploading the contents from inside of the folder, not the folder itself. Otherwise it won’t work.

  1. Install the setup .zip from this link:
  2. Stop your server from running.
  3. Open the .zip and extract the files on your computer.
  4. Using an FTP client (Google if unsure), upload the contents of the “ExampleRP” folder you’ve extracted on your PC, into the server’s root directory, overriding anything from there.
  5. Once the uploading is done, run the server!


That’s all! Have fun with your new setup. Remember, I do not condone copying other servers. If you want to have a successful server, SRP is not the answer. Making your own, unique server will work much better. This is made for small servers and friend servers, or to get you a base going.

Stealing is stupid. You know this. By copying SRP, all you show me and the rest of us is that you are not capable enough of making your own, custom work, of learning how to adapt to situations, or are a power-hungry beast like the owner due to which you probably left in the first place. Remember this.

Also, please note I will not offer support for this server setup. I was not the one that made it, and only offered my advice and old plugins to it. You should use Google to search for the plugin in question, and use their helpful wiki pages or talk to the developers on their Discords or other platforms.


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